FADED MEMORIES- A picture story


Concept, Photography and Editing done by

Faria Abdullah and AJ Aaron



IMG-20150717-WA0009“He was a mystery I couldn’t seem to solve. It was as if, I was being pulled by him but then, he kept cutting the string off. He kept cutting it and I made a new string. There was something very abrupt about everything he did. He looked at me in a way that would make anyone think he had something to tell me, but then he would look away as though he’s never seen me before. Or as though he passes by me everyday. Like graffiti on a wall that you indulge in for a day or two, but after a few days it’s just one of those things that you pass by everyday. For starters, I knew there was something between us. Something unsaid. Some un-happened outburst. Some beautiful mistake. I would wait everyday, to see if today was the day he would say something. But he never said anything. Ever.
When he would walk by me, I slowed down time in my head. My footsteps were slower, my heartbeat was slower and my thoughts too. And there was silence, so much so that I could hear nothing but a quiver throughout my body. Or through-in.
And I was ready to go on without saying something. Ready to live in the feeling of a quiver. It was the buzz in my life, no external addictions necessary. This was something.”

 Courtesy: AJ Aaron


Girl with the Golden Heart- 2


“She had a spark.
Her eyes spoke, when she didn’t.
Her smile made them smile.
Her laugh reminded them why they lived.
She was the life.
She was the joy.
She was the art,
Among the coy.
She was like water.
She was like air.
Like a frosty breeze
blowing your hair.
She was different.
She made the mark.
She had a spark,

She had a spark.”


Girl with the Golden Heart- 1


“The girl with a burning fire. She was the fire.
She never made an entry, she started the show.
She never seem to scream, oh; but she roared.
She was the light, away from the flow.
She was the one they wanted to follow.
Head straight, no fear.
There was just no looking back from here.”