Decayed Matter

Always defined.
Love, contaminated. Confined.

You put it in a box,
You give it a name tag.
There, silence.
Half dead.
Right out of the body bag.
So cold and blue,
So hard and green,
Decaying, slowly.
What had it seen?

Always defined.
Love, contaminated. Confined.

Devastation hits.
Massive revelations.
“Oh, how, why, when”
they ask
Don’t they know it’s because of them?
“You killed it” I want to say
“I’m alright” I say instead
Nothing I said made sense,
Stars, curtains and bread.
That’s where we’re headed though.
Until, salvation.
Pull it up,
The well is too deep.
It’s holding it’s hand out
Awaits. Asleep.
Grab, don’t let go
Save, safe, saved.
Now time to return the favour.
You were brave.
“You’re gifted” it says.
“You can feel me everywhere”
In the mountains and in the seas,
In the eyes of a lover,
In the smile of a child,
In the absence of forever.
In the words of a poet,
In the sadness of a soul,
Around the universe and back,
To the bed and burrial hole.
Wow, I thought to myself
How outstanding is that going to be?
To give love
To take it
To share it
And to be it.
And so I loved.
I loved him,
I loved her
Possibilities unlimited,
No war, thereafter.

Always defined.
Love, contaminated. Confined.

Judgment rolled in some paper,
Hit everyone, smooth and nice.
As the smoke got them high
They pushed me low, covering my foresight.
Blinded and helpless,
I thought where I went wrong.
I loved too much?
Too many or too long?
The smoke chokes.
Where do I go?
How do I save myself?
Or do I go with the flow?
I breathe it in.
White but dark.
Passive did the work
That active couldn’t start.







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