Death Diaries

There’s still an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. How is it going to be complete without you? We were always 8. The four of us and the four of you. And now we’re seven.

I have shed tears, a lot. My eyes fill up even as I write this now but you know these tears are triggered only by this one line that keeps playing in my head- ‘You are no more.’ But this doesn’t make sense if I really think about it. You are now more than what you ever wanted to be. You are free, you are free from the suffering. And I am glad. We all are. Everyone who loves you, everyone who has ever thought of you as the good person that you were.

I didn’t get so say goodbye. So this is how I planned to do it.
I always thought that when you grew up, I would be the sister you’d be sharing things with, telling me about all your hot crushes. But I guess not this time.
I will remember the games we played together on your PS2, I will remember your grumpy face on Raksha Bandhan as we all took free kisses, I will remember how I accidentally tripped you once and you cried, and I felt horrible (sorry about that though) and most of all I will remember all the times we laughed and had happy moments.
I remember you as the loved brother amongst all his sisters.

We love you little one.  We know you are safe, sound, peaceful and most of all happy. And we wish with all our hearts that you stay like that.


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