Just being

DSC04171A very cliched post right before Valentine’s day, and why not, inspiration is everywhere  😉

Love. What would we know about love you ask? ‘This young useless generation’ always taking life easy, not serious about anything, always confused and fickle.

Well, yes. We take it easy. What has anyone achieved by taking life too hard anyway? Yes we’re not serious about a few things. We have a sense of humour. Confused and fickle, let me add, experimenting, trying new things,  reaching new heights and what not. There are so many good things to the generation but sometimes people refuse to look at. And one of them is love. Our definition of love, its different. It ought to be, we bring in the new. And today I portray to you something I call love. Being. Being is love. Being is loving. Being you, being me, Just being.

“I fall I shatter I together I fall. Again and again.

I admire, I admit, I adjust, I an addict.

I is senseless, I is selfish, I is stupid, I is romantic.

I can not, I can, anything, anytime. I am, I am not, sometimes hot sometimes not.

But I different. I unique. I contrast, I black and white.

I rebel, I can yell, I scream, Ice cream. Ooooooh ICE CREAM. Uhm *cough* I cant scream.

I is fine. Very fine. I define fine. Oooh fine fine, you see? Nevermind.

I laugh, I whine, I crying, and crying. I show, no hide.

I can fight, with might.

But, I different. I unique. I contrast, I black and white.

I freaky, I creepy, I is disgusting sometimes.

I scared, of I. But I fearless, look me in the I. Oh eye*

I is hero.

I is heroin, I is big drama queen.

But I is anti drama, cause I is the bruh, I is cool, right?

Cause I different. I unique. I contrast, I black and white.

I can love. I will, I shall, I did love.

I break too, but I fix up.

I love me though, I is love.

I is everything you dreamed of.

I is your love at first sight.

Cause I different.

I unique, I contrast.

I black and white.”




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