Under the ruler

DSC03517The sun was warm. Bright. It just sat there in one place and refused to move. Bloody couch potato. But it seemed to send out something. In tiny little packets. It called them sunshine. Those packets, those things, they gave people hope. Hope to live, to keep living, to move on and to leave the night behind. As the lazy sun rose, they would slowly come out on his orders and enliven everything present under the rule of the sun. They were like the good side of an antagonist. The water shimmered, glittered, performed on a bollywood song. They had perfect moves, subtle but powerful. With a tinge of tease to them. It was like, they had the whole world paying to watch them, and the tickets were probably even underrated. Vast variety of sand was, well, moody. First there were the dry and ruthless. Free and inspiring and beautiful, nevertheless. But a pair of feet would get ’em blisters all over if they were to try their luck there. Then a little ahead, a slight interest could be seen, maybe even a flirt. The feet found it cool and moist. Attractive and sexy is what one could call them. But then suddenly, a few steps ahead they turned into desperate clingy lumps. They’d envelope feet like it was now a part of them and they never want to let go. The waves tried, when they hit the shore after performing, they tried to push the feet away. Trying to protect the sand. The feet liked the feeling, every bit of it, all the attention from the sand. But they wanted to go now. They’re feet after all, they’re meant to wander. But the sand didn’t know that, did it? The sand was left there, damp, alone, again. Disheartened. Broken. It felt like it had holes. And it did. It felt empty without feet. It was craving to be complete. The ruthless and the sexy laughed. “Oh, you never learn, do you?” They said. But wait, wait! There was hope, it could see. It could see something majestic coming through. The waves. They were coming again. It could see the love the performer had for it. It was a wait longer than forever. But then, they met. It was beautiful. The teasing stopped, the performer turned into a charmer. The charmer was smooth now, no moves, only love. Just plain, simple, honest love. They seemed to be undivided. And there, in just those few moments, the sand was complete and the waves felt like themselves.


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