Dear Diary

DSC05622“Lets go really far, I said. How about Goa? He asked with a funny smile on his face. How about heaven I asked? He looked right into my eyes. His face had that magic again. Like perfect seasoning on a pizza. What a ridiculous comparison I thought.
We still had our eyes locked though. “Wish I could just bend over and kiss you”, he said. “What’s stopping you?” I asked. Your eyes he replied. I found that funny so I let  out a laugh, quietly. “And why are my eyes stopping you?” I asked. “Because I cant stop looking into them, they’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.” I blushed. At least I thought I did. Nobody had ever treated me this way. It was… it was the perfect seasoning. “And to kiss you I’d have to close my eyes” he continued.

That moment. That exact moment, it was perfect. So perfect that I wanted to live in that moment, die in that moment. A moment so small but bigger than any other moment. My stomach was churning. My throat was shrinking. My voice barely coming out. My lips were dry. No I wasn’t having a heart attack. This is what he did to me. Every time he looked at me with that perfect seasoning. His hand slipped into mine without trying. I looked down at my feet. I looked at the clean, smooth road. I looked at the emptiness around. I looked at the love around. And I looked back into his eyes. And there it was. Our first kiss. It was nothing I ever thought it would be like. It was like the pleasure of light in the dark deck of a ship. It was like a sunny winter morning… cold but hot. It was like coffee cleaned off a table…Clean but sticky. It was like…
But before I could think of more… it was over. “So soon?” I said? Looking at him longing for more of… him. “I demand more” I said. And before I could demand anything more I was cornered to the fence and well, lets just say I got way more than what I demanded.
It was perfect. It was the beginning of something and the end of something.


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