Something stirring inside. An incomplete feeling. An emptiness, but a fullness. An excitement, overwhelming. I cant seem to recognize it. Is it new? Is it about something new? Is it the excitement of something new? Questions I ask myself…
There’s a fear, a shakiness. Something that makes me feel lesser. Lesser than the much better people around me. But what qualifies them as better? Who said I could compare myself to anyone? I’m at war with myself. Slowly, the overwhelming filling emptiness will turn into deep deep thought. Soon those thoughts will turn to tears. Tears not made of joy or regret or sadness, but of letting out the energy stirring within me. It has to find a way to come out, somehow, I’ve realized that over time. And its times like these I enjoy dance. I enjoy movement. I enjoy music.
I let it flow in me, with me, through me. Its how I release energy. The overwhelming filling emptiness. But whose feelings are these? Are they mine? Are they? Is it really possible to come under the shadow of another person’s feelings and energies. It is I think.
But in the end, what I think, doesn’t really have to be right, because its coming from a person over-taken by a bundle of feelings, a whole new person together. So many faces we all show everyday. Each one of them belonging to us. Like a cupboard full of branded, colourful clothes waiting to be worn by you. And as you go close, it inherits you, takes over you, and turns you into somebody else. Its funny how we never know who the real me, or he,or she IS Do we? Its an endless topic, runs in loops.



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