Room full of love

“The ladies on one side, the gentlemen on the other, will be moving from each table and will get three minutes each” said the man who seemed to be hosting this. A huge banner was put up on one side of the tables- “SPEED DATING” It said with so many hearts. She knew she was going to find love tonight. If emoticons were real, she would be the one with the heart eyes. She could even smell love she thought- in the air maybe? Maybe it wasn’t red. Maybe it was golden. 
The first handsome, tall hunk sat in front of her and instantly she knew she was in love. She drooled at his masculine jaw, and his dreamy, big eyes. “He’s the one” she said out loud. She gave him her number as the three minutes were up. She still had her eyes on him until the second one came by and she knew, instantly, she was in love. Again. And again. With the third, the fourth… sixteenth and finally the twenty-third. Was she so desperate for love? Twenty three people at once? She felt a tear roll down her cheek and went straight into her mouth before it could be stopped. SHE COULD EVEN TASTE LOVE. Her head turned gloomy and so did her vision and that’s probably the last thing she can remember.


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