In the early morning fog I see,
A face that looked just like me.
She wore a sad look on her face,
waiting to blurt something out straight.

I asked her slowly what was wrong;
She turned away and lost her frown.
I tapped her shoulder and stood still,
She buried her head in her hands,
and let out a loud shrill.

I was startled at this sound,
I held her and turned her around.
The sun had now come up,
and the fog had nearly faded out.

She moved her hands to reveal her face,
She looked at me and I held her gaze.
Distant waves could be heard in the silence.
The air was cold and I could feel the dryness.

I wanted her to say something to me,
to share her sad and deep feelings and see,
But instead she broke my gaze and started to run.
I wanted to follow her, but I couldn’t.

All this never made sense to me,
Maybe it was a dream, maybe reality.
But for all I know and for how much it’s true,
She might just be a part of me.



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