It’s scary how in a world like ours its so easy to reach someone. By the touch of a button you can get  connected in seconds. It might get anyone thinking how this could be scary. This is supposed to be a good thing, isn’t it? Happy? Spread the news. Depressed? Get a virtual shoulder to cry on. Trouble? Call for help. But it is scary, trust me. That somehow you know that you can’t be alone. There’s no way that you can run away from it now and make a world of your own. It’s addictive and it sucks you in. Sucks you in your small little world that you hold in your hand. Sometimes I just want to get away from everything and run away for a little while. Sometimes I wish I had a confidant. Sometimes I wish there was someone I could turn to when everything is a mess and even when its not. Sometimes this is better than being alone or even being in the middle of a million people. You need a place where you have self respect, where you have your own identity, uniqueness enough to make you realize things about yourself that you have never thought of. It is important, essential, because somewhere in the middle of this chaos that we face everyday, we lose ourselves and become someone who we’re not. It could be anywhere, anyone. You just have to keep your eyes wide open. Do not expect somebody coming to you with a halo, no no. That doesn’t happen. Wait for a connection. Wait for something apart from the connection in your hand. Wait for love, go for a holiday, switch off your phone and forget about it, dance even if you have one and half right feet. It really doesn’t matter unless you are having fun, cause in the end it’s all about you. 😉


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