Crystal Clear

I gave my heart, gave my soul.
So passionate, out of control.
It wasn’t love..Or was it now?
Cant name it, cant name it somehow.

I tried to hide it, I didn’t want to though.
But gave in every time, every time we came close.
But then came a day, I realized..
That all these feelings; were just from my side.

It was a pain I felt, right through my chest.
Stabbing, piercing. I was out of breath.
It was dark, I was alone
Threw all the colors out of the window.

I revived myself… over time.
I grew up and I realized.
That everything that happens, happens for a reason unknown.
You trust yourself, you learn and grow.

Cause now when I look back
Its crystal clear.
Without my past,
I wouldn’t stand here.



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