I stand in front of the mirror,
I  look at myself,
I see my past
I feel the presence.

Its just another mask I had worn
That was lost somewhere,
Lost in the crowd
I was unaware.

Should I be concerned?
Should I ask for help?
Should I forget about it?
Or shouldn’t care less?

It might over shadow me,
Catch up with my present.
It will strangle me;
Strangle me to death.

Its a choice I make,
Its now or never.
I don’t know what to chose
Neither do I know if I can conquer.

I am confused and alone
Its a battle with myself.
Or should I say a battle between
My past and present.

“Let by gone be by gone ”
Is just a statement.
It can never be forgotten,
It cannot be forgiven.

Its not my mistake
It wasn’t my fault.
But I am to blame;
That much I’m aware of.




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