First Blog

Its funny how even though I write so much, hold a special place for it deep down, I’ve never exactly had a proper place to put it all down. Lots of people suggested the idea to me, “Why don’t you start a blog?” but I’d think of it as too much work of creating one. Besides in my world, the appreciation I got from my Mom, my Dad and a few special friends was more than enough. It never occurred to me that I can make it public. I’m not really expecting a call from a magazine company overnight, eager to take me in. That’s trash. What I’m expecting is to have a corner of my own, to fill it with my thoughts. I think so much about so many things, go so deep, observe things, its not even funny. I’m really, really from the bottom of my heart hoping that I can continue this. Its going to be hard, yeah, but I cross my finger (hands, legs, toes, hair, anything else cross-able) that ‘Hungry Blogger Says’ continues till the rest of my long, awesome, amazing life 😀 -Hungry Blogger



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